FIFA 14 Ultimate Team 5 cheap and promising players

If you had yesterday unveiled five curiosities that probably were unaware of the new FIFA 14,melty now return to the fray with one of the best games of the year! The New Ultimate Team FIFA 14 promises the return of this game mode by which we can create our team trading cards of players. As developments emphasize that we can play a game that does not compute for tournaments or seasons, and the inclusion of a new type of players, the 'Legends ' as Pele and Dennis Bergkamp if we play on a XboX One (which is launched on November 22 this year ). But the acquisition of these football legends are unattainable for those who are still starting to build our team... But who said that cheap and quality are at odds ? In melty will give you 5 names that will surprise you with its low price and incredible gaming opportunities

5. Julian Daraxley Shalke 04
The 20 year old does not seem at first glance a great player. But the statistics in this game speak otherwise midfielder. It has a decent pass and not guilty of having a bad ball control. Compared with the other players in the Bundesliga, is a bargain, especially if we consider the 5 stars of his ' bad foot '.

4. Paul pogba of Juventus
In addition to dazzle us with their hair in the style of Balotelli, former Manchester United player is quite a promise. French statistics make him a good midfielder, as the twentysomething does not have any features below 60 points. You'll have to make some money to buy it, but their skills in the short pass and long shots will pay off.

3. Sandro of Tottenhan
The Brazilian team excels in English with Spanish players like Soldado, Paulinho or Lamela. The truth is that the price- quality of this player is just, is perfect for a defense at the top of the field of play, with a rating of medium / high, decent pass and the power to exercise a midfielder.

2. Marthinez del porto jackson
The Colombian has a 82 to pass and 86 pass his head, and a force level of 86, making it a very good proposal as a striker. If you did not think to include in your ranks to any player in the Portuguese league, you betterthink twice !

1. Kevin of the Chelsea Bruyne
A very good purchase to consider : 5 stars on her foot wrong ( so wrong it loses consciousness ), capable of sticking a goal from almost any angle of the field with 83 points on long passes and a pass more than decent. Your business card is much better than the Spanish Cazorla, Silva or Mata. Best of all is that shares talent with players like Lukaku, Benteke, Kompany and Vertonghen also Belgian, but not its price.

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