Do E Cigs Have To Look Like Tobacco Cigarettes?

Many people who are thinking about stopping smoking have considered e cigs. They wonder if e cigs will deliver the same nicotine satisfaction as tobacco cigarettes and whether using them will generally be like smoking.

What most people find is that e cigs meet and exceed the few “good” points of tobacco cigarettes and far outweigh them when it comes to comparing “bad” points. In terms of nicotine satisfaction, many smokers find that the pure, pharmaceutical quality nicotine delivered by e cigs, free from chemicals, tar and pesticides, is far more satisfying than that delivered by tobacco cigarettes. In fact, most smokers reduce the amount of nicotine they use by increments until they are taking in little or no nicotine.

In terms of the other aspects of the smoking habit, e cigs that are designed to look and feel just like a tobacco cigarette meet all the hand to mouth action requirements, deliver a thick cloud of tasty vapor instead of smoke and satisfy the oral fixation that commonly goes along with addiction to tobacco cigarettes. They do this without being a fire hazard and without endangering or even bothering those around the smoker. E cig vapor is odorless or nearly odorless and dissipates very quickly without causing any side draft damage.

When first starting out with e cigs, lots of smokers like the fact that they can get an electronic cigarette that looks like a tobacco cigarette. As time passes and the smoker’s ties to smoking are broken, many vapers (people who use e cigs) begin wanting to change their image.

E cig design is just one of the many ways e cigs exceed expectations in comparison with tobacco cigarettes. You can get electronic cigarettes in a vast array of styles, designs, sizes, shapes, colors and patterns.

Vape a pipe, cigar, hookah or vape pen. Select a style of electronic cigarette designed just for women. Dress your e cig up with sleeves and accessories to match all your outfits. Mix and match colors and patterns of batteries and cartomizers for your own custom design.

Your e cig doesn’t have to look at all like a tobacco cigarette, and why should it? When you vape with e cigs, you are not smoking. There is no smoke. You are vaping – inhaling a clean vapor made mostly of water in the flavor and with the amount of nicotine you choose. E cigs put you in control, and you can choose the way you want your e cig to look.